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Logótipo Ave Social Angels


Associação Sol do Ave


ASA - Ave Social Angels

Áreas Envolvidas:

Marketing | Design Gráfico | Produção gráfica | Produção Exterior | Produção Brindes |

Website do projecto.

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ASA - Ave Social Angels

Client: Associação Sol do Ave

Project: ASA - Ave Social Angels


What is: "An Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Initiative aimed at combating youth unemployment by promoting employability, fostering entrepreneurial skills, supporting the creation of micro-businesses and social entrepreneurship initiatives, based on an active model and innovator of local entrepreneurial communities. "

To create all the identity and media of promotion and promotion of the project, as well as support in terms of press advisory.

Project under POISE / ESF, included in the measures "Portugal - Social Innovation".


An imaging solution has been developed that includes and reflects the dynamics of the area of ​​intervention that runs throughout the Ave Valley and the dynamic of partnership between companies, entrepreneurs and / or unemployed.

For this purpose, several supports have been created, essentially for use in the various events that are being carried out to stimulate, communicate and develop the project activities, promoters and participants.

Involved areas:

Marketing | Graphic Design | Graphic production | Outdoor Production | Production Gifts |

Website do projecto.

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