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Logótipo Camellia


Absulote Value


Identidade Caméllia

Áreas Envolvidas:

Marketing | Design Gráfico | Produção Gráfica | Produção Exterior |

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Caméllia - Antiques and Handcrafts

Client: Absulote Value

Project: Identidade Caméllia


Caméllia - Antiques and Handcrafts is a new traditional trade establishment oriented to the marketing of handicrafts and antiques products, located in the central area of Porto.

The challenge was to develop an identity based on camellia, the official flower of the city of Oporto, and the identity of the establishment.


A solution based on the calligraphy that guides to the romantic periods of the city of Porto where a pictograph of the camellia appears, with a chromia that invokes the colors of Port wine.

Involved areas:

Marketing | Graphic Design | Graphic Production | Outdoor Production |

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