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Logótipo Clínica Dentária Figueiredo.


Clínica Dentária Figueiredo


Desenvolvimento e programação WebSite

Áreas Envolvidas:

Marketing | Webdesign

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Clínica Dentária Figueiredo


Client: Clínica Dentária Figueiredo

Project: Development and programming WebSite


Communicadores & Associados was asked to design and implement an online solution for the Clínica Dentária Figueiredo.

Clínica Figueiredo, which has more than 30 years of history in Guimarães, being located in the central part of the city, did not have an online presence adequate to its positioning and image. The solution would have to respond to current needs as well as the possibility of initiating the progressive transfer of solutions and services to the digital platform.



For this client, given the specific image and technological response requested, we opted for a solution based on WordPress technology, which gave us the possibility of concentrating on the solution in an operational way, as well as creating a solution that has a capacity for permanent evolution.


This solution also allowed us to respond to the necessary adaptation of Clínica's image to its new online presence, namely for mobile devices.

Its agility allows the integration of new solutions, as well as technological growth, whenever it is necessary.


Involved areas:

Marketing | Webdesign

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