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Logótipo Solar Freezer


Solar Freezer


Nova identidade (branding) + decoração de produto

Áreas Envolvidas:

Marketing | Design Gráfico

[Bëhance Presentation]

Solar Freezer, a SunEffects brand


Customer: Solar Freezer

Project: New identity (branding) + product decoration


A company that presents to the market a solution based on clean and ecological energies.

The challenge was to develop an identity that reflects some of these values, while at the same time giving it an instiucional character, since it is a company for the B2B segment.


Research focused on the theme of environment and energy was carried out, namely solutions adopted in other parts of the world at the level of identity design, by a definition of identity construction parameters, using the methodologies defined by Communicadores & Associados in the analysis of brands.


Thus the identity solution was developed, leading to the definition of the concept that creates the Solar Freezer logo and its iconography.

Where the energy is clean, the product is solid and has distinctive results and effects on the level of its impact on the environment.

Involved areas:

Marketing | Graphic design

[Bëhance Presentation]

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