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Logótipo Um Quarto Meu


Um Quarto Meu


Promoção e dinamização do estabelecimento + Redes Sociais

Áreas envolvidas:

Marketing | Design | Produção Gráfica | Webdesign | Vídeo

Um Quarto Meu - Furniture & Decoration


Client: Um Quarto Meu

Project: Promotion and dynamization of the establishment + Social Networks


The "My Room" establishment, which had undergone a change of the logo recently, presented the need to reshape and revitalize some of its promotional tools, in particular by adjusting it to the image changes it underwent and to the new digital solutions.


Development, together with the owners of the company, of supports that would serve to distribute in the events in which they participate, as well as the dynamization of their social networks.


Due to all the remodeling undergone in other supports was undertaken a change framed in the reformulation of image that had happened, modernizing the language and the approach in aesthetic terms.

Involved areas:

Marketing | Design | Graphic Production | Webdesign | Video

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