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Município VilaFlor


Câmara Municipal de Vila Flor


Tour Virtual de Vila Flor e Vídeo Casa Museu de Benlhevai

Áreas Envolvidas:


Imagens de exemplo do tour desenvolvido:

Municipality of Vila Flor

Client:  Vila Flor City Council
Project:  Virtual Tour of Vila Flor and Video House Museum of Benlhevai


Creation of a 360º Virtual Tour of points in the city and municipal structures, and video of the Vila Real Family Museum House in Benlhevai .



A collection of images and visits to places in Vila Flor was created, both in the city and in municipal buildings and equipment.

The desire to record in image the collection of objects collected and stored in the Vila Real family house (by António Vila Real), led to the creation of a film with an emotional touch and which portrays the passion with which this collection was created and grew to for decades.

Involved areas:


Sample images of the tour developed:

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