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Comunicadores & Associados construção de identidade


Comunicadores & Associados


Nova identidade


OpenBrand Brand Presentation

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Áreas envolvidas:

Marketing | Design | Produção Gráfica | Webdesign | Vídeo

Comunicadores & Associados Medusa


Client: Comunicadores & Associados

Project: Nova identidade


The company underwent a major evolution in its first year of existence.

The challenge was to develop a logo image that would correctly position what the project was evolving.

That is what the history and the course of its founders, as well as their future plans and objectives, affirming an identity.



Several solutions and approaches were analyzed.

The researches have been studying the solutions at the design level, for a definition of parameters of identity construction, using the methodologies defined by Communicadores & Associados in the analysis of brands.

From this analysis resulted a set of orientations with respect to the type of solution that was intended; what the brand had become with the development and development of its activity (its actual positioning); their different publics and contact points; and finally the orientation in terms of design and image intended, considering the strategy and orientation for the future.

From this point on, the proposals that led to the definition of the concept creating the Communicadores & Associados logo and its iconography are born.

Where the history (of the founders) defines its strength, purposes and philosophy of action; where he is represented his will to make happen, his commitment with the past and the design in the future.

Medusa is born as part of the iconography of Communicators & Associates and representative of their will to succeed, mirroring their mission and vision.


OpenBrand Brand Presentation

[Bëhance Presentation]

Involved areas:

Marketing | Design | Graphic Production | Webdesign | Video

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