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Concurso Rebranding Gondomar


Município de Gondomar


Rebranding do Município

Áreas envolvidas:

Marketing | Design | 

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Contest Rebranding Município Gondomar


Client: Município de Gondomar

Project: Rebranding do Município

Challenge: Develop a logo that represents some of the key vectors that represent the Municipality of Gondomar, particularly the focus on the Douro River and its relationship with the locality, as well as the locally existing economic aspect.

Solution: Communicadores & Associados proposed to present a solution that was different from the others. He invited his designer from Warsaw (Poland) to develop the solution he submitted to the competition.

Solutions were presented to the jury, focusing on symbols of the territory, such as the river and its fauna, nautical symbols associated with the work in the river and the striking feature of the design present in its different industries, namely that associated with goldsmithing.

The chromatians settled in the blue associated with river water, yellow and gold associated with gold (because the river is also "d'oro") and representative black of granite popular in the traditional buildings of the region.

The present sentence is part of the requirements imposed for the logo to create.

Áreas envolvided:

Marketing | Design | 

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