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Logótipo Baubab Portugal


Baubab Portugal, Lda


Casa da Laranjeira

Áreas Envolvidas:

Marketing | Webdesign | Digital

Baubab Portugal

Client: Baubab Portugal, Lda

Project: Casa da Laranjeira


Baubab Portugal is a company engaged in real estate development, in particular in urban rehabilitation.

It has operated mainly in the city of Porto.

This company brings together a group of investors from different nationalities oriented to real estate projects.

The objective of the intervention of Communicadores & Associados in the "Casa da Laranjeira" project was to provide advice and support in the development of the promotion and commercialization of some fractions in the property in question.


This intervention mainly focused on the development of a digital solution for presence and presentation of the product, as well as its dissemination and dynamization in selected social networks considering the priority target of the property and its characteristics.

The action is being developed, and includes a follow-up of the digital solutions developed, as well as the development of some content to boost its presence and increase the attractiveness of the product, as well as an approximation of its priority target audiences.

Involved areas:

Marketing | Webdesign | Digital

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