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Logótipo Eurosoeiro


Eurosoeiro, S.A.


Rebranding Eurosoeiro


Áreas Envolvidas:

Marketing | Webdesign | Design Gráfico | Produção Gráfica | Fotografia

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The Eurosoeiro project is a challenge for Communicadores & Associados in its different aspects.

For this client was asked to perform the rebranding of his entire brand and the image associated with its products.

The result was the development of a symbol that does not disappear the symbolism associated with the "bolt" (the earlier logo can be seen below) and which has a chromia that is consistent with and identified with its area of ​​activity, the machines and tools.

In addition to this symbolism, it has the hexagonal extension associated with the machines and their components.

Accompanying this development, the necessary pieces were developed at the level of the commissary.


Relevant part of the project, since the inventory survey, both at the level of stocks and product photography, on all the references that the company sells, was of a considerable size, was the catalog.

Its first version had 8000 references, both online and in the physical medium. An exercise of adjustment by the company to the market and the needs of its customers resulted in a catalog with 5500 references.


It was also launched a website and streamlined its online space since the brand, until this time did not have any digital presence where it was known.

At this moment it is present in some of the most relevant platforms and social networks, for your business.

Involved areas:

Marketing | Webdesign | Graphic Design | Graphic Production | Photography

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