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ANJE (Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários)


17.ª Feira do Empreendedor

Áreas Envolvidas:

Marketing | Vídeo

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17.ª Feira do Empreendedor - ANJE

Client: ANJE (National Association of Young Entrepreneurs)

Project: 17th Entrepreneur Fair


With added value between the two interlocutors, Communicadores & Associados proposed to idealize and produce two videos that translated the philosophy and concept of the entrepreneur's fair to be held at the Palácio da Alfândega in Oporto in November 2015.


Each video would be aimed at different audiences, but with a common goal: to attract participants and visitors to the fair.



Developing the concept and creating the storyboards, we set out to discover Porto and Gaia perspectives that support the idea of ​​modernity and globality.


In the first video we can see reflective green spaces that are found in any metropolis and where the young and bold prepare.

New York, London, Paris or Vienna, all these cities have a space of freedom for their inhabitants and for those who risk freedom.

To conclude nothing better than something because the Portuguese have always been recognized globally: the sea and the discovery of new opportunities.


In the second video we see a more prosaic and objective concept. All the transports and paths lead the character to the place that, during the period of the fair, represents the most important space for all those who participate in it.


Two steps, two visions, the same destiny.


Involved areas:

Marketing | Video

[Bëhance Presentation]

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