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Business Streaming

The current situation and the need to communicate force us to change the way we reach our audiences.


Once the gatherings were prevented, the events changed location. The confinements and restrictions on travel have put audiences in front of a screen.


Brands, companies and organizations need to maintain contact and interactions but in a professional and appropriate way to their goals and activities.

Digital interactions have already entered our daily lives.

Meetings and meetings, everything changed.

But the amateur solution is not what companies need regardless of the objective.

Solution?  Live StreamingPro

In what can it be used:?

  • webinars

  • Online conferences

  • Tutorials

  • Product presentation

  • Online classes and training

  • Exclusive Online Programs

We provide the solution to carry out any of these activities, in a professional way, and where your audiences will not receive a presentation made behind a computer camera.

What is Business Streaming?



Preparation of technical solutions for sound and image capture.

Preparation of transmission according to the Platform to be used.


Transmission management, in terms of the image in the space where it is collected and the interaction with the different interlocutors and the materials presented.


A quality solution that provides assistance with an appreciation of content.

Need more information?

Use one of the contact forms available here on the website.

A small diagnosis will be carried out and you will be able to start using a professional solution to be closer to your audiences.

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