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Creativity for the new "2024"!

The communication and creativity trend for 2024 is one of the most fascinating and challenging areas of marketing.

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In this article, we will explore some of the main aspects that will shape the future of brand communication, products and services, based on inspiring examples that are already happening in the market.

One of the most striking characteristics of communication and creativity for 2024 is its consumer orientation.

Brands stop focusing on their own issues, such as positioning, differentiation or notoriety, and start focusing on the needs, desires and emotions of their audiences.

Communication becomes more personalized, more relevant and more engaging, creating unique and memorable experiences for each consumer.

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An example of this trend is the case of Spotify, which launched a global campaign called "Wrapped", which shows users their music consumption habits throughout the year, with curious data, personalized playlists and recommendations based on their tastes.

The campaign was a success, generating millions of shares on social media and increasing customer loyalty.

Another example of this trend is the case of Nike, which launched an online platform called "Nike By You", which allows customers to personalize their own sneakers, choosing the colors, materials and details.

The platform was a success, generating millions of visits and orders.

Another characteristic of communication and creativity for 2024 is its diversity of media and formats.

Brands are no longer limited to traditional channels, such as television, radio or the press, and are exploring new possibilities for interacting with consumers, such as social networks, podcasts, games, chatbots or augmented reality.

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Communication becomes more dynamic, more interactive and more immersive, creating narratives that engage consumers on different levels.

An example of this trend is the case of Netflix, which launched an interactive film called "Bandersnatch", which allows viewers to choose the direction of the story, with multiple possible endings.

The film was a phenomenon, generating millions of views and comments on social media and challenging the boundaries between cinema and gaming.

Another example of this trend is the case of Lego, which launched an application called "Lego AR Playgrounds", which allows users to play with their Lego pieces in augmented reality, interacting with virtual characters and scenarios.

The application was a success, generating millions of downloads and hours of fun.

Finally, another characteristic of communication and creativity for 2024 is your tone of voice.

Brands stop taking themselves so seriously, and adopt a lighter, more fun and more human tone in their communication. Communication becomes more humorous, more ironic and more surprising, creating empathy with consumers and differentiating itself from the competition.

Avô e neto a comer um hamburguer

An example of this trend is the case of Burger King, which launched a campaign called "Whopper Detour", which offered a Whopper for one cent to customers who placed an order through the McDonald's app. The campaign was a success, generating millions of application downloads and product sales.

Another example of this trend is the case of Ikea, which launched a campaign called "Ikea Real Life", which recreated the living rooms of the most famous television series, such as "Friends", "The Simpsons" or "Stranger Things", using only furniture and objects from the Swedish brand.

The campaign was a success, generating millions of views and reactions on social media.

These are just some of the examples that illustrate the communication and creativity trend for 2024. A trend that is based on innovation, personalization, and humor to create communications that captivate consumers and generate value for brands.

A trend that challenges marketing professionals to be more creative, more strategic and bolder in their way of communicating.

Some of the trends that stand out are:

  • Communication is increasingly personalized and adapted to consumers' interests, preferences and behaviors, using data, artificial intelligence and creativity to create relevant and engaging experiences.

  • Creativity that transcends traditional media and explores new forms of expression, such as audio, video, augmented reality, virtual reality, games, podcasts, memes, stickers and other formats that capture the attention and emotion of the public.

  • Communicationis based on social, environmental, and cultural values, purposes, and causes, which generate trust, empathy, and connection between brands and consumers, and which contribute to a better world.

  • Communication that is light, fun, humorous, and optimistic, brings joy, hope and inspiration to people, especially in times of uncertainty, crisis and change.

  • Communication that is collaborative, participatory, and co-creative, involves consumers in the creation of content, ideas, and solutions for brands, which encourages interaction, dialogue, and co-creation of value.

These could bdde some of the trends that will mark communication and creativity in the new "2024".

Companies that want to stand out in the market must look for agencies and specialists who know how to follow these changes and offer innovative, effective, and differentiating solutions for their brands.

And you, what do you think of these trends? Comment below!

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