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Holistic Marketing: The Omnichannel Journey for the Success of Companies and Brands in Portugal

In today's dynamic marketing scenario, companies and brands in Portugal are looking for innovative strategies to stand out and achieve their goals. Among the promising approaches emerging in this context, Holistic Marketing presents itself as a powerful differentiating factor, capable of boosting results and gaining customer loyalty.

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But what, after all, is Holistic Marketing?

The word “holistic” originates from “holos”, which in Greek means “whole” or “whole”.

At its core, Holistic Marketing represents a paradigm shift, transcending the fragmented view of traditional marketing and embracing an integrated and comprehensive perspective.

In this approach, all company departments, from marketing and sales to customer service and production, work in synergy to offer a unique and cohesive experience to the consumer, at all points of contact with the brand.

Holistic marketing is a strategic approach that aims to integrate all of a company's marketing activities, creating a consistent and coherent customer experience.

This philosophy considers the business as a whole, not as an entity with several separate and isolated parts.


Big brands such as Apple, Nespresso, Samsung, Heineken and Nike successfully apply this holistic vision to their marketing actions.

After all, the different departments of a company should converge on the same objectives, right?

That's why we strongly recommend implementing this culture in your projects.


Desenho da anatomia humana

To make the concept easier to understand, let's compare a company with the human body: the human anatomy has limbs, organs, bones, cells and other components with different functions, but the perfect functioning of the machine depends on the collaboration of all of them, with the objective to keep the person alive and functional.

Likewise, holistic marketing takes into account an integrated view of systems, whose purpose is the common good.



The four pillars of Holistic Marketing

From small to larger organizations, these four pillars must be developed with a strong orientation towards the organization's objectives and goals.

These are the marketing pillars that serve the development of Holistic Marketing:

·       Integrated Marketing

·       Relationship Marketing

·       Performance Marketing

· Internal marketing


How is a Holistic Marketing strategy developed?


Building a solid Holistic Marketing strategy involves some essential steps:

  1. Holistic view: Abandon the fragmented view of marketing and adopt a comprehensive perspective that integrates all of the company's “stakeholders”.

  2. Strategic alignment: Align marketing objectives with the company's general objectives, ensuring that all actions are oriented towards the success of the business.

  3. Customer journey mapping: Deeply understand the customer journey, from first contact to loyalty, identifying touchpoints and optimization opportunities.

  4. Persona development: Create detailed personas of the target audience, with their characteristics, needs and behaviors, to guide actions in a personalized way.

  5. Brand omnipresence: Ensure brand cohesion across all communication channels, from the website to social media, to customer service and promotional materials.

  6. Measurement and analysis: Continuously monitor results and perform analyzes to optimize actions and improve strategy over time.

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Robust framework for success:

A solid structure for Holistic Marketing includes the following elements:

  • Content Marketing: Create relevant, informative and engaging content, using the most appropriate channels for each target audience.

  • Digital Marketing: Implement effective digital marketing strategies such as SEO, SEM, email marketing, and social media marketing to reach and engage target audiences.

  • Branding: Develop and strengthen the brand, building a unique and memorable identity that connects with the target audience.

  • Customer Relationship: Build lasting and positive relationships with customers, through impeccable service and personalized actions.

  • Customer Experience: Deliver an exceptional customer experience at all touchpoints, from purchase to after-sales.

Benefits of Holistic Marketing for companies and brands:

  • Holistic view of the business: Allows a complete view of the business and its “stakeholders”, facilitating more assertive decision-making.

  • Increased conversion and loyalty: A cohesive, personalized customer experience across all touchpoints drives conversion and builds customer loyalty.

  • Brand strengthening: Brand cohesion across all channels strengthens the company's image and makes it more memorable for the target audience.

  • Reputation Enhancement: A positive customer experience generates positive reviews and improves a company's reputation. UGC (User Generated Content) is the new way to “get the word out” and the best validation and recognition.

  • Cost reduction: Optimization of marketing actions and customer loyalty can lead to cost reduction and maximizing ROI.

In short 

So, in short, Holistic Marketing needs a strategy and the entire company to act organically, in order to keep this "organism" functioning correctly and healthily.

The strategy must begin as that of the company, and will then evolve into that of Holistic Marketing and in all its variables.

If everything works this way, the results and resources will have an improved and significant performance for the entire structure and, mainly, for its customers.

Authors and references in Holistic Marketing:

  • Philip Kotler: Considered the father of modern marketing, Kotler is the author of several books on the subject, such as "Marketing from A to Z" and "Marketing for the 21st Century", which address the importance of a holistic view of marketing.

  • Al Ries and Jack Trout: Authors of the book "Positioning: The Battle for the Minds of Your Customers", Ries and Trout defend the importance of creating a unique and memorable positioning for the brand in the market.

  • Ram Charan: Author of the book “Rethinking Competitive Advantage - New Rules for the Digital Age”. The importance of adapting the strategy to this new reality.


Together, we can build a powerful Holistic Marketing strategy that will take your business to the next level! Ready for the challenge?




*“8 main advantages of Holistic Marketing”, Neil Pattel. Consulted on 06/04/2024 at .

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