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Marketing 5.0 - it was faster than we thought!

Increasingly a reality, and with an unprecedented acceleration due to the pandemic, marketing has evolved and undergone changes that some thought was still far from reaching.

Although some evolutions have been put into practice by some larger companies, the pandemic forced many companies to develop solutions of the same type, regardless of their size.

And many are making their move to a digital world, something that was relegated and considered of lesser importance or that was not at all part of the intentions of companies and entrepreneurs.

Although Portugal is a quick country to adopt trends and technologies, surprisingly when it comes to investing in digital within companies it is surprisingly slow.

It is even one of the countries with the lowest rate of digital presence for its companies and brands.

And digital presence does not mean having a profile on a social network, but having a structured and active presence, even if it doesn't include online commerce.

Presenting a service, a product or any solution in a professional manner and maintaining an interaction with your audiences, can already constitute a presence with some audiences.

Although this solution still does not constitute a fully structured and technically developed presence from the point of view of digital activity and the needs of an "on-line first" world, with analysis, solutions and contents programmed and structured around an objective or goal.

But since the beginning of the year, perhaps provided by the availability of the feedlots, several publications have seen the light of day where the evolution of marketing, to the 5.0 level, has been portrayed and explored.

Naturally, the father of Marketing, Philip Kotler (in partnership with two other authors) published what has been the benchmark for those who develop and manage these activities.

But one thing is clear among all these publications and solutions presented: Marketing 5.0 is not just an online digital presence, where websites and social networks are the solution.

Despite the importance of digital, and it can be a starting point, our whole world is becoming integrated in what has been called in Marketing "omnichannel".

All solutions and technologies are increasingly integrated and offer a unified solution for our customers and all audiences.

In addition to facilitating and automating many of the procedures and interactions with the public of companies and brands, in their most different forms, with a unified treatment and vision.

From the technologies of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and many others, everything starts to be integrated and to collaborate for a unified and integrated experience for the client.

And just as it helps the client, it will contribute to employees, suppliers and all other "stakeholders" (interest groups that make up the company's/brand's activity).

It will allow all activities and groups to be valued, integrated and optimized, giving a more individualized response regardless of the point of contact with that audience.

Maybe some companies and activities may finally have gains in productivity, and the respective countries will gain in terms of quality (business and life) - namely Portugal.

But copying is not enough to put any technological solution into practice.

Each structure needs to have its strategy developed according to its needs and products, as well as integrating the technological solutions that are most useful to develop and achieve its goals - both for software and hardware.

Within organizations, too, there has to be an adaptation and adoption of a technology-oriented spirit.

We will also have to "cast off" fears that this adoption of technology will wipe out new jobs.

Naturally, everyone has to adapt and integrate technology in the way they do their daily business. Only in this way will we be able to do more and better, and have an increase in contact and interaction with customers, a personalization that is so necessary these days.

We will also be able to make decisions based on more reliable data and information, because if there is something that technology provides us, it is the possibility of measuring and measuring all the activities carried out.

But all these activities must always be aware that marketing, and its activities, go beyond communication activities, and must be transversal to the activities of organizations and brands.

And that developing solutions requires team involvement and the union of everyone in organizations (smaller or larger).

And using technology, in whatever form and solution, has to be an integrated response from the entire organization.

Because an "augmented reality" lets you see that an organization doesn't work in an integrated way, it won't bring benefits. On the contrary.

In a country where most companies are small (well over 90%) the ambition must always be to grow in a sustainable way.

Namely, and whenever it is mutually beneficial, with the development of partnerships and "joint-ventures" that enhance this growth.

It is time to become aware that unity really makes strength, and the more we unite, the more we will all win.

Whether it's going to be 5.0 depends on everyone in organizations.

Ending the "barrisms" and reductive competitions that consume unrelated resources.

Embracing technology and what it provides us in a strategic and organized way.

Today's investment will be tomorrow's profit!

Are you prepared for the challenges that have arrived and embrace all the solutions and technologies?

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