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Ano Aniversário D'Barriga + Presença Social

Áreas Envolvidas:

Marketing | Design Gráfico | Produção Gráfica | Produção Exterior | Marketing Digital |

[Bëhance Presentation]


Client: D'Barriga

Project: 10th Anniversary D'Barriga + Social Presence


The brand celebrated its ten years of existence in 2017. Develop an identification that accompanies the brand in this period and in all forms of communication, particularly information and promotions disseminated and carried out through digital platforms.


In addition to the design, a Communication Plan was developed for the brand for the year and an evaluation and Strategic Plan of presence in social networks and other existing digital platforms.

The design was developed with reference to the image of the own logo and the reference to the 10 years.

A set of proposals was also presented on the development of other media and ways of publicizing the mark in the period in question. A part were not adopted by the mark

Involved areas:

Marketing | Graphic Design | Graphic Production | Outdoor Production | Digital Marketing |

[Bëhance Presentation]

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