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Logótipo Rafaela Gouveia


Rafaela Gouveia


Rebranding + Desenvolvimento de Website

Áreas Envolvidas:

Marketing | Design Gráfico | Webdesign


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Rafaela Gouveia - Personal Trainer


Client: Rafaela Gouveia

Project: Rebranding + Website Development


To develop an image that suits the activities developed by Personal Trainer and its personality and way of being with its clients and physical activities. Development of a website that allows not only the services provided, but also the advice and proximity to its clients and target audience.


For this client the solution was approached in a way that reflected the way she was and the personality, keeping in touch with her femininity. Likewise, with regard to your logo, reflect the versatility, dynamics and movement associated with sport.

The website used a platform based on WordPress technology, allowing also that the contents of almost all the pages could be updated by the own according to the needs and the activities developed.

Involved areas:

Marketing | Graphic Design | Webdesign

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