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Logótipo Regeneração ITV

ATP - Regeneração ITV


ATP - Associação Têxteis e Vestuário de Portugal


Regeneração ITV

Áreas Envolvidas:

Marketing | Design Gráfico | Produção Gráfica | Webdesign | Vídeo


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ATP - Regeneração ITV

Client: ATP - Associação Têxteis e Vestuário de Portugal

Project: Regeneração ITV


"The ITV Regeneration project is a collective action to stimulate the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the textile and clothing industry to facilitate the development of innovative, qualified and creative companies with potential for internationalization."

Development of all communication identity and media, including Digital Marketing solutions (website, social networks, contact solutions with stakeholders), as well as solutions for exposure and dissemination.


An imaging solution has been developed that includes and reflects the dynamics of the intervention area that runs through the whole range and value chain of the textile area.

Its symbology portrays, through color, exactly the different areas of action.

The second reinforcement is given through the images and graphic elements that are presented in the different pieces of communication developed.

Involved areas:

Marketing | Graphic Design | Graphic Production | Webdesign | Video


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