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Logótipo Seminário de Vilar


Titles and Words/Seminário do Vilar


Sessão fotográfica Seminário do Vilar

Áreas Envolvidas:


Seminário do Vilar

Client: Titles and Words/Seminário do Vilar

Project: Photographic session Seminário do Vilar


Titles and Words advised the Vilar Seminar in the development of its presentation and relationship with its public.

In the development of some solutions for the presentation of the seminar and its activity, Communicators & Associates were asked to hold a photo session to collect all the seminar spaces and some of the services they develop, namely catering.


A photographic session of image collection was carried out throughout the day, using various photographic techniques, particularly in the spaces destined to the lodging (hotel) and its space of restoration which included the assembly of small studio for the photography of the plates served in this space.

Involved areas:


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