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Identidade SunEffects




Rebranding + Desenvolvimento de Website

Áreas Envolvidas:

Design Gráfico | Produção Gráfica

[Bëhance Presentation]

SunEffects - Renewable energy


Customer: SunEffects

Project: Rebranding + Website Development


A company that has been present in the national market for a few years, and acts in the field of renewable energies, at the level of installation and representation of products, it needed to develop a new image that is appropriate to its current positioning and diversification of activities / solutions and products.

Also, optimize the site so that it corresponds to all this evolution. The site is still under development.


As the company has evolved and expanded its solutions and portfolio by remaining in renewable energies, but instead focusing on solar solutions, an identity was sought that reflected the issue of environmentally friendly or environmentally friendly solutions associated with production and energy efficiency.

Chromia respected this duality of criteria.

It resulted, therefore, in an image that identifies with "energy," "clean," "green," "pure," and "energetic." Corresponding, also, to its four main areas of activity in the market.


Involved areas:

Graphic Design | Graphic production

[Bëhance Presentation]

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