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Dossiers Tomatino


Tomatino - Pasta House



Design e Paginação de Dossiers Internos

Áreas envolvidas:

Design |

[Bëhance Presentation]

Tomatino - Pasta House


Client: Tomatino - Pasta House

Project: Design and Paging of Internal Manuals


The Tomatino brand, owner of several catering establishments, in the course of developing its presence and standardizing procedures in its establishments, in addition to its preparation for the implementation of franchising, requested the design and pagination of its internal dossiers.


A common structure has been developed, consistent with its identity and the objectives of the manuals.


The different documents have been developed, and the image created, according to their target audiences and the occasions of use.

Involved areas:

Design |

[Bëhance Presentation]

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