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Vestas Portugal


Vestas Porto Design Center Employer Branding and Inauguration

Áreas Envolvidas:

Marketing | Vídeo | Webdesign | Digital

Vestas Portugal

Client: Vestas Portugal

Project: Vestas Porto Design Center - Employer Branding and Inauguration


Vestas Portugal / Vestas Porto Design Center ( is a subsidiary of Vestas Wind Systema AS ( With the beginning of its operations in the new facilities located in Lionesa, it was necessary to develop a set of tools for the dissemination and attraction of new collaborators, young and old specialized for this relevant area of ​​renewable energies.

As presented in the developed solution:

"To create a digital presence that gets the brand closer to its target audience attracting it, developing Employer Branding tools for the "Vestas Porto Engineering and Design Center".
Create the experience and value needed to attract the best technicians from different areas of expertise required, and from the various geographies (generating reputation and credibility. "


The solution was to develop a digital approach of "being where your target audiences are".

This approach included the development of videos with testimonies of the elements already collaborating with the company in Portugal (in the seven different areas of activity) in the center, as well as a digital presence approach in coordination with the Group's digital presence management, so that it could be directed to the most relevant targets for operations in Portuguese territory.

This strategy also included the development of content and images for defined social networks, as well as thematic videos.

In conjunction with these solutions, videos were made of the inauguration of the new facilities, as well as videos of the presentation of the mood and the coexistence of the Vestas Porto Design Center teams.

Involved areas:

Marketing | Video | Webdesign | Digital

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