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Logótipo Município de VN Gaia


Município Vila Nova de Gaia


Imagens e Vídeo 360º de pontos relevantes da cidade

Áreas Envolvidas:

Marketing | Vídeo | Fotografia

Munícipio Vila Nova de Gaia.

Client: Vila Nova de Gaia Municipality

Project: Images and Video 360º of relevant points of the city


Imaging and video 360º of relevant points of the city from the cultural and tourist point of view


Using different techniques of image and video collection, images were taken from various locations in the city of V.N. Gaia, exteriors and interiors.

Between them:

  • Marginal de Gaia (Video)

  • Convent "Corpus Christi" (photo with transitions)

  • Teixeira Pascoaes Museum (photography)

  • Zimbabwe of the Monastery of Serra do Pilar (video in time lapse 360º)

Involved areas:

Marketing | Video | Photography

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