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Benefits of Business Intelligence in Communication

Business intelligence (BI) is a way of using data to improve the performance and competitiveness of organizations. With BI, it is possible to collect, process, analyze and apply relevant information to make more assertive and strategic decisions in different areas of the business.

One of the benefits of BI is the development of business communication, which is essential for creating and maintaining relationships with customers and all stakeholders. Business communication involves not only transmitting messages, but also understanding the needs, expectations and perceptions of target audiences.

For this, BI can help in several ways, such as:

- Use internal and external data to better understand the profile, behavior and preferences of customers and potential customers;

- Use secondary data, such as market research, trend reports and competitor analysis, to identify opportunities and threats in the external environment;

- Use data visualization tools, such as dashboards and charts, to present information in a clear and attractive way for different audiences;

- Use predictive and prescriptive analysis tools, such as algorithms and statistical models, to anticipate future scenarios and recommend optimized actions;

- Use text mining and sentiment analysis tools, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to extract "insights" from unstructured sources, such as social networks, blogs and online comments.

With these possibilities, BI contributes to the success and "consumer experience" of organizations, as it allows:

- Create more personalized, relevant and effective customer contact and interaction solutions;

- Increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and recommendation;

- Increase the reputation, credibility and trust of the brand;

- Increase the visibility, reach and influence of the organization in the market;

- Increase revenue, profitability and return on investment.

Therefore, BI is a powerful ally for organizations' communication and marketing, as it offers a comprehensive and integrated view of data that can be used to generate value for all those involved.

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