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Is ChatGPT a new thing?!

Everyone talks about ChatGPT and its artificial intelligence.

We also decided to try it out (a bit more because we've been experimenting for some time) and asked that an article be written about it.

The question?

"What would a blog article about ChatGPT by a communications and advertising company look like?"

ChatGPT's response:


OpenAI, an artificial intelligence company, has made great strides in the area of natural language processing with ChatGPT, a language model based on deep learning.


ChatGPT is capable of generating human and personalized responses to a wide range of questions and tasks, such as translations, summarizations and text generation. The model has been trained on millions of examples of text from the internet, allowing it to accurately and efficiently answer questions and perform tasks.

Applications in Communication and Advertising:

ChatGPT's technology can be applied in many industries, including communication and advertising. For example, automating customer service and generating personalized responses can increase customer satisfaction and support staff efficiency. In addition, the model can be used to create content, such as advertisements and product descriptions, optimizing the time and effort of communication and advertising professionals.


ChatGPT is an advanced and versatile technology that can revolutionize the way communication and advertising is carried out. OpenAI continues to work on developing even more advanced language models, which means that the applications and potential of this technology are virtually endless. Follow the news and be prepared to make the most of ChatGPT's possibilities."

An answer that corresponds to reality, and has a lot of truth.

But what are the positive and "less good" points?

The great novelty and advantage of the Chat GPT solution is that it is an NLP (Natural Language Processing) system. That is, the software is able to interpret and respond to questions posed in a natural way.

No longer being an answer related by specific search terms and words.

Interprets and looks for an answer that is consistent and adequate to the profile of the question (or according to the answer that is in the style of a certain personality or character).

But artificial intelligence solutions have started to be more talked about in recent months. Despite many references, there have been similar solutions for some time, but which may not be Open Source.

We already had one more announcement from Google for the launch of "Bard" the system ChatGPT competitor.

But as an example, here are some other solutions that, based on AI, are already on the market, some for a long time, and for different uses.

  1. Copycreator


  3. Beatoven

  4. Cleanvoice

  5. Flair

  6. Illustroke

  7. Stockimg

  8. Unbounce Smart Copy

  9. Dall-E

  10. Deep-AI

  11. MeedJourney

  12. NightCafe

  13. Jasper Art

  14. Starry AI

  15. Quickchat

And they are just a few.

Almost all allow you to perform some tests and do some things for free.

Different scopes, different applications

The truth, however, is that solutions with applications in different areas are beginning to be known, from content creation (with different applications) to image manipulation or even its creation.

Will this start to create problems for many breeders and eliminate human activities?

This is another question that has been asked, in addition to the applications that these technologies can have, whether in marketing, design or digital.

There are a few things we feel we should consider:

  • First is that machines interpret information, and to have information it has to come from human creation (at the moment it is the only source of information they have);

  • The results are often inaccurate and still do not respect the reference to sources and copyright;

  • Even the generated contents, despite already having a reasonable linguistic quality, continue to need revision and "tweaking";

  • They can be good starting points, and ways to automate solutions, but they are still in an embryonic stage (even if evolving quickly).

A future with potential

However, they still have added value, namely in the area of marketing and digital.

They are good for sparking ideas and reducing "creative block".

A good way to automate some type of responses, namely those associated with a chatbot.

And crossing information from multiple sources ends up generating solutions that can be useful in the development of content. Such as helping with positioning in terms of SEO, and evaluating content to be published.

The future is challenging, and promises a lot. Let's hope it's not too much and doesn't reach points like those predicted by a Stephen Hawking - the machines taking over the world.

But at this moment, it still goes through the need for the human scrutiny, its knowledge and the ability and creativity to make things develop.

And what is your opinion?

Leave a comment.

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