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The blackout of social networks and our own websites

News in all the media, the blackout for several hours of some of the social networks that contribute the most, namely in Portugal, to the promotion and realization of business, was relevant for many companies.

It's true that it's been a few days and that apparently everything has gone and returned to "normal".

But the effects it left, namely the lost business opportunities and the promotions and disclosures that it was not possible to carry out, did not stop happening.

And there's no guarantee that any of these platforms won't fail again, and who knows if for more than a few hours.

Naturally, social media platforms implement various redundancy systems and things don't get lost forever.

But several other issues arise, which happen daily, such as the suspension of accounts or their blocking, either by accident or by those (good or bad intentioned) complaining or denouncing their accounts.

We have been talking in previous posts about solutions and information, namely posted in several books and information sources, regarding best practices in terms of attracting and retaining customers or potential customers.

Issues that are always pressing and relevant for those who develop their activity in digital as a source of income for their businesses or products.

And this event is one more contribution of this need to protect your digital investment.

And we're not just referring to the need for backups and other procedures.

One of the issues that arises is the need to have its own (or proprietary) platforms such as the brand's or product's own website.

Of course, it's another investment in digital.

But as another book that is an example in these matters refers, and which is said in this country "there are no free lunches".

As much as people think so, and as it is in digital and everything happens in bits and bytes (besides there are some "free" solutions, or that seem like that in some periods of time) everything can be free, not even that is, through the option of piracy.

But what the times have shown is that this trend is increasingly disappearing, and in order to have a solid and professional digital presence, it is necessary to invest more than some time in making some publications.

Building your own solution, such as a website, requires an initial investment in its development, in addition to its maintenance and curation.

Static sites without "renewal", namely in their content, are also disappearing in terms of their online visibility.

And as the customer is increasingly looking for an experience that marketing technicians call "omnichannel" and where the friction between the different contact points is as "soft" as possible, these special spaces also need to be cared for and nourished.

Regardless of the technological solution or platform chosen, the need remains.

Even because you would like your effort and investment in these activities, and that they can make a relevant contribution to your business, even if it is calling customers to your point of sale, to "disappear" in the air?

Whether you choose to do it or hire professionals to do it, the time you invested has value - in fact, as it is always said "time is money". And yours also has a price, because a day also only has 24 hours.

But don't forget that the professional's service is also valuable, and maintaining the knowledge and updating necessary to respond to the needs of clients, as you may be, also costs - time and money.

"If the alms are great, the poor suspect", so if you are offered very fast and cheap solutions, BE DIStrustful.

In addition to the need to "feed" these own digital spaces, it is also important to invest in maintenance plans for these platforms, namely by professionals who know how to protect their investment.

Yes, it's another investment. But call it, if you like, to take out insurance for that project.

As with other values, this one also needs.

Because whoever develops their website, and after it has been completed and delivered, has no obligation to maintain it, update it or ensure that it takes security measures or safeguards information (such as backups).

Unless you contract with them a plan to that effect.

Digital is no longer "as cheap" as it used to be, but the level of demand is not the same either,

And if we invest, it cannot be to leave things to chance, nor to run the risk of having to repeat the investment.

That would be much more expensive!!

So, a piece of advice, and not that we have any presumption of being able to give advice to anyone - get advice before making your investment (even if you invest something else for that) and don't settle for the simplest or cheapest solution.

Make your investment plan and try to understand what you need.

In other aspects of life and business, you also don't bet or invest in the cheapest or resource, right?

Also this, which today is an essential factor in business, your digital presence, and most of the time, the first contact with your customers (or the way to keep in touch), cannot be something "amateur" or low quality, just because the "investment" is lower.

It's your business, your product or your brand.

Don't forget that the others (and the big ones don't even talk) invest too!

Is not true?!

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