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Trends, Trends and other "predictions" for the future...

It's a truth.

We are already 2 months into this year, and every time it seems that we are in a bad phase, another event comes to put everything on a new roller coaster.

In addition to this whirlwind of emotions and events, which has affected the whole world, even demonstrating that there has been duality of criteria in many reactions, what else can these situations affect the way we all act and act in our daily life?

Two years of a pandemic have greatly changed our perspectives and attitudes, as well as the way we relate to each other, with the world and even with technology.

With the events now ravaging this part of the globe, what else is going to change?

It's an unknown, but we can try to understand.

Since the end of last year, numerous organizations have been publishing trend documents and forecasts for the year ahead.

We already have a folder full of these documents.

Some from entities that do it regularly and seriously, and others that essentially seek to get another email address, rather than providing relevant information for those who have been working in a market in permanent upheaval for more than two years.

But much of this information, when it is serious, is relevant for those who in their activity need to communicate with their audiences and understand what makes them move.

If the transformations of different audiences were already relevant, today with the changes facing all businesses, the more important they can become.

Yes, because the segmentation and "targeting" issues, which remain important, for the creation of a "persona" are very relevant.

Even because they contribute to the development of a coherent positioning for their audiences.

There are several circumstances that have changed the way consumers and brands act, especially in the last two years.

Just as many solutions and advances were boosted with the pandemic and confinements, many problems were encouraged and increased under the same circumstances.

But more than technological, evolutions and disruptions are human.

Several circumstances and situations have developed apparently contradictory movements, but which condition the way we relate:

  • Concentration in urban areas, but greater solitude;

  • More technological and digital solutions, but greater distance between humans;

  • Search for green spaces and areas, but with more physical distance and environmental destruction;

  • Environmental awareness, but with the use of environmentally unsustainable equipment and solutions (eg electronic equipment using batteries and other rare materials)

These apparent contradictions have created a vast number of consumer profiles, which vary in some details according to the entity that formulates them.

GWI, Wunderman Thompson, Brandwatch, Facebook, Microsoft and other entities characterize consumers in clusters of common traits.

An assessment of these various reports also highlights several common traits that have developed in recent years.

Some examples of the consumer profiles presented to us:

  • "Affirmative Activism" (Facebook IQ - Culture Rising Trends 2022)

  • "Focus on Wellness" (Facebook IQ - Culture Rising Trends 2022)

  • "Connections in the Metaverse" (Facebook IQ - Culture Rising Trends 2022)

  • "The future is (almost) now: get ready to meet your digital twin" (Business & Growth Trends 2022 - Ogilvy, Growth & Innovation)

  • May we have your attention please (GWI, Connecting the Dots)

  • At your best - How consumers are taking control of their wellbeing (GWI, Connecting the Dots)

There are patterns that the various organizations identify and profile a strong trend that is observed by various quadrants and points of view.

In the examples presented, and among the various trends, and particularly as a result of the long period associated with the pandemic, we find:

  1. A greater awareness of environmental issues;

  2. Greater attention paid to physical, but particularly psychological, well-being;

  3. The growth of the relationship with all the technology, namely with some solutions related to the Metaverse;

  4. The growing problems of getting the attention of consumers and getting a message across, especially through the entire sales funnel, effectively.

This new situation in Europe could affect some of these scenarios, but we have to have a starting point.

But is it possible to read and absorb all this information?

Wunderman Thompson Intelligence's annual report - "The Future 100" covers many areas (throughout its 223 in 2022) and sectors.

The balance and understanding what fits each one's business, as well as knowing which are the most appropriate and reliable sources, limit the range of options and fine-tune the needs of studying all the published information (which grows every year).

Because if we are talking about technological trends and those linked to digital activity, the offer will still grow much more.

But when the need goes from knowledge information to the need for strategic application, namely to communication and marketing, and there is no possibility of analyzing all the information related to consumer behavior and experience (CX), there is nothing like counting on the assessment by dedicated consultants who can provide an informed opinion.

Even if it's to tell you that you're on the right track...


We will try to cover some of these trends in upcoming publications or in information posted on our Forum.

Also leave your doubts, opinions and questions there.

Just make a simple registration and you will still be able to receive alerts whenever there is a new publication, if you want.

If there is anything related to trends that you need guidance or clarification on, leave it in the comments, and within reason (because this is also part of our area of activity) and our knowledge, we will try to inform you.

Because our "folder" of trends grows every week...

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