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What are you looking for in digital?

Many continue to look for the magic solution in digital!

But few continue to achieve these results.

Is the solution still to "pour" money into social media campaigns or ads?

Why is it that investments in digital, and in the development of solutions to support the activity in this environment, continue to be considered costs?

And, with a volatile and extremely competitive environment, where the numbers show that the results of a few years ago of 10% today are transformed into an optimistic 3% for the contacts obtained in social networks (according to data from some analysis platforms of the activity), which do not represent sales but contacts with the audience! There are still many who expect results like 4 years ago.

So it's not worth betting on social networks anymore?

It's worth it, but with the awareness that you won't get the same kind of results, or that you have to work or invest more to get there (time and sometimes money).

But more relevant is to be aware that the "web" environment (and it is even a web) is increasingly complex, especially in the aftermath (or almost) of the pandemic.

Another relevant issue is the need to understand that not all networks are relevant for all businesses, and that the most important thing is to have your own platform.

And also that nowadays it is always necessary to invest to start this activity and obtain results.

Invest in promoting brands and products, not in illicit ways.

Unless there is time and capacity to build an organic network, with adequate publications and that, in fact, reach the audiences defined in the planning.

As we have already mentioned in this blog, social platforms are not their own space.

At any time, an account, for example, can be blocked or suspended unduly (or for reasons that do not seem very logical, because they are monitored by "machines").

Many companies continue to maintain a space in any social network as their "online site". And when something happens - it's chaos!

A restaurant that no longer has reservations, or the "shop" that no longer has sales.

It should be remembered that not many months ago there was a "blackout" on a network, and no one had access to any information.

So I stop being online?

Establish your own territory.

Create a website, even if it's on a simpler platform.

The main thing is to get started.

Today it is extremely important to be able to keep in touch with your potential customers. For example, collecting emails that allow direct contact or commercial interaction (lead generation).

Naturally, the development of a platform can be complex. There is more and more technology and strategy involved.

From website development, to having relevant content, producing images and videos, SEO, SEM (and so many other acronyms relevant to digital activity). It is necessary to apply resources and motivation to maintain a relevant position in the market.

Just like any other activity that has the same orientation, positioning and strategy in a company.

But selecting a good partner can bring traffic flow that can be all it takes to develop a solid online presence.

This presence is a complement to its presence on other platforms and other activities to be developed in digital.

Essential is to think and develop a strategy. As in any other area, think first and invest later.

Pouring money into the problem will never solve, and hardly bring results.

If for some it is complex, use a partner for this area.

SEO, paid ads, presence in search engines, content creation, linking with other platforms,....

These are all relevant areas to structure your digital presence.

Is it that complicated?

If in your business area you consider that "amateurs" do not solve solutions, and that the curious always think they have mastered it, the same is true in this very technical and evolving area of digital.

Dozens of social networks, solutions to be implemented and monitored, strategies to be defined, are all tasks to carry out and develop in a social presence.

Go through an book about the subject and you'll see (at least you'll have a sample - and there are plenty out there).

You can try to learn and evolve on your own, naturally.

It just depends on your needs and the complexity of what you want to implement, or the time you have in your strategic plan.


No, there is not. And you will always have to invest time and money.

Just like you would in any other area of your business.

Social networks are practical and dynamic if you know how to use them. But if one of them stops tomorrow, or at the extreme, closes, what is left?

And make no mistake, that the history of the internet (even if short) already has many examples of these.

For the less knowledgeable some platforms may not say much, but Hi5, MySpace, MIRC and many others were platforms where users and brands invested a lot of money, no longer relevant (or having followers).

Today they either don't exist, or they are "shadows" of what they once were.

Even some that were created more recently, such as "ClubHouse", were successful in their launch and, at least in some geographies, after the "glow of the moment" they almost pass into obsolescence.

That's why everything is a "web", but it is becoming more and more intricate and more complex.

And where more and more investment is needed.

And where it is necessary to ensure its presence and dynamisation.

There is. And do not forget. It's not something you can do today and forget about and in a few years (maybe) go see what happens.

Think about your role as a consumer. When a brand you use, or an app you have on your phone, stops evolving, where does your loyalty or choice go?

If on your favorite social network, the brands you follow no longer appear, do you remember to go after them and see what they are doing?

After all, today we no longer ride a cart and we invest in increasingly complex vehicles to move around. Because the rest is different.

This area has also evolved. Only much faster.

What are you doing to change this scenario in your structure?

If in doubt, we can start with your digital presence strategy.

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